Home Visits

For our weekly clients, we offer a wide array of add on services.

Going Away? Below are our Full-Care Packages

-All pricing includes up to 2 dogs!-


Our Full-care packages include all the care your dog may need while you are away.

This can include: walking, feeding and medications. Please note we do not do injections. Transportation for appointments to the vet or groomer is no problem but will be charged according to our transportation charges. Our care begins between 7am-8am and ends between 9pm-10pm, visits are scheduled between 3-5 hrs apart depending on the package.


Basic Care - $52/day

Four, 30-min visits throughout the day, no more than 5 hrs apart.


Premium Care - $60/day

Two, 30-min visits for breakfast & bedtime and  two, 1-hour visits for midday exercise & evening exercise & feeding at dinnertime.OR four, 45-min visits (you decide). This package can include one activity or outing, individual or group. Visits are scheduled no more than 4.5 hrs apart.

Custom Options -

  • Add an activity or any visit to either package using the 4-5x weekly pricing.

  • Overnight - Add an overnight with a canine caregiver to either package for $18. (10:15pm-6:45am)

Create Your Own Package - Pick 3-5 visits or activities of any length of time from the a la carte menus, apply the 4-5x weekly discount to prices, and create your own perfect care for your dog. All services are scheduled between 7am-10pm.

Additional Services -

  • Trash in/out - no charge, just let us know what day it needs to go out!

  • Bring in mail - no charge.

  • Additional Animals - $5 each animal per day. (second dog free, all other animals include cats, birds, etc.)

  • Plant Watering - $5-10 each watering depending on the amount of watering; please ask for quote during your consultation.

  • Yard Clean up - $10-20 depending on yard size & number of dogs.

*Travel Delays -  If you are delayed coming home due to flights or any other travel related reason please let us know ASAP! We totally understand the logistics of travel, and will never leave your pup in need of care. To cover our costs, there is an additional $5 fee per additional visit needed, for any unscheduled appointments.


  • Nail trim- $14

  • Ear Cleaning- $9

  • Bath- $25

  • Brush out- $12

Local Transportation (Vet, Grooming, etc.)

  • One way- $10

  • Round trip- $17

  • Round trip with wait time- $20 hr.

Poop Pick Up

  • Starting at $16

  • Discounts given for weekly service