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Are you CPR and First Aid trained?

Yes. Every canine care giver is required to take a CPR & First Aid class every 2 years  In the class you learn how to perform CPR on dogs as well as cats. You also learn many first aid tactics if you come across an animal in need of care, and common problems that can happen to dogs and cats. 


Do you do grooming or clip nails?

We can do nail clips for out clients! However we do not groom. Grooming to be done the best way requires equipment and a facility.  We can recommend excellent groomers as well as schedule appointments for you and transport the dog(s) to those appointments.


Is their any special discounts for referring other dog owners for your services?

There is a 5 dollar discount for any service, for each new client you recommend, and that actually uses our services. 


Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured.


Do you do dog training?

Teresa is CPDT-KA certified trainer and the rest of the staff is working toward their certifications.  We would love to help you create a better bond with your dog, and teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog. 


Does the consultation have to be done at my home?

That is the best place to do it. Your dog needs to understand that we will be entering your home and that we are welcome to be there by your dog. 


Do you do group outings with other owners dogs?

Yes! For the right dogs. We love getting dogs together in groups because that is when the dogs are usually so happy! It's ideal for your dogs to be social, however we know that some dogs just like doing their own thing. If you want your dog with a pack, great, if not, still great. We always do what is best, and most comfortable for your dog.


Can you see my dog on short notice?

We do charge an additional fee for services requested for the same day. We can certainly not guarantee that in the event of a personal emergency, that we can fit you in, but we will do whatever in our power to accommodate you and your dogs needs.


Do you take dogs into your house?

No, unfortunately we don't because, the idea of the business is to keep as much the same for the dogs as possible, including their surroundings, in order to keep the time the parents are away as stress free as possible for the pup.