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We are teaming up with High Five Puppy Training so you get two trainer brains at once!! Dates & topics below! Classes are $18 or $60 for all 4! 

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Tuesday May 5th 630pm - Successful Potty Training & Socialization during Quarentine -- This will have crate training in it as it's key to potty training

Tuesday May 12th 630 pm - Sit, Stay & What to do about Biting

Tuesday May 19th 630 pm - Teaching Down & Preventing Separation Anxiety

Tuesday May 26th 630 pm - General Problem Solving & Questions

Preventing Seperation Anxiety 

May 16th 1130 am - Zoom Class

Our dogs have all been loving us being home all the time! But eventually we will begin to leave the house again! We are going to discuss strategies to avoid & combat seperation anxiety as we humans begin to go back to work.

Cost: $18  - Register, you will recieve an invoice & meeting info

Leash Reactive Dogs - 3 part class 

Sat May 23, 30, June 6th - 1130 am 

Many dogs demonstrate a reactive behavior while on leash, this can be anything from friendly barking to lunging & growling. This can happen at a wide varitey of stimuli, from cars & bike to dogs & people. We will discuss the causes of this & move through all the best strageties to work with your dog to diminish this behavior and eventually condition it away.

Three, 1 hr Classes $60 - Resister for Class #1 below & we will invoice you and take care of the rest of registration. You will recieve meeting information for all the classes. 

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