"I Am Newman: 75 lbs. of Muscle and Gas" by Rob Stroup, paperback edition.


   "I Am Newman" is a love letter to all dog lovers in which Rob Stroup offers the unique experience of a dog exploring curiosities, dealing with insecurities, and pursuing passions from his own canine perspective - behind his big, brown eyes and deep, soulful spirit.  Newman went through the majority of puppyhood as an only “child.”  Just when he was finally figuring out his place in the world, he was forced to deal with the whim of his parents who, of all things, desired to bring children into his home.

   As the story progresses, you will see the depth of the relationships that he formed in his eleven years.  He eventually unlearned many, but certainly not all of his bad habits to become the confidant of a family who needed him as much as he needed them.

"I Am Newman" Paperback