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Training  /  Playgroups  / Pack Walks

Training Classes


We are positive reinforcement trainers, our methods are 100% science based. All of our classes are designed to teach you how your dog thinks, and what motivates them as well as skills for your dog.  Classes are intended to make you and your dog more successful together!


Group classes are held at Woofs Canine Club in Webster, NY. Find registration forms by clicking the link below! 

*CPDT-KA certified Trainer on staff*


Private Training


In home, customized training packages to suit you & your dog’s needs and lifestyle!  We will discuss your goals and teach you techniques & methods to help train your dog. We will work with you and your pup to develop the skills they need to succeed!

*CPDT-KA certified Trainer on staff*

Pack Walks

Off leash group outing in a nearby park.

Perfect for adventurous and curious pups who will benefit from the stimulation a park

or woodland area has to offer.

Must be friendly with other dogs and

have excellent recall. 


Groups of up to 6 dogs playing in a fenced yard.

Great for dogs and especially puppies who cannot be trusted off leash but would love to run around freely to play with friends!

Playgroups are held in client-hosted yards.

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