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Training Classes


Take a look at all of our available training classes for all levels! These classes are held in person with social distancing in mind. Limited slots available

Dogs with Dog Walker

Private Training


In home, customized training packages to suit you or your dog’s needs and lifestyle!  We will discuss your goals and teach you techniques & methods to help train your dog to use proper manners. We will work with you and your pup to develop the skills they need to be  polite, happy, and well adjusted.

*CPDT-KA certified Trainer on staff*

Home Visits


Individual visits at the dog’s house can include any of the following: Walking, play in the yard, companionship, feeding, medications (excluding injections) and a basic check of the property.  

Individual & Group Outings

Play Groups


Groups of up to 6 dogs playing in a fenced area graciously provided by the playgroup host family!


individual on-leash or off-leash (up to the parents) walk in a nearby park, pick up and drop off. Perfect for adventurous and curious pups who need to be on leash, or prefers individual attention but also benefit from the stimulation a park or woodland area has to offer.