Our Services

  • Visits at home

    Individual visits at the dog’s house can include any of the following: Walking, play in the yard, companionship, feeding, medications (excluding injections) and a basic check of the property. 



  • Play

    Playgroups - Groups of up to 6 dogs playing in a fenced in area graciously provided by playgroup host family! Discounts apply for playgroup hosts. If you have a fenced in yard, a friendly dog that needs more play, and are interested in hosting, contact us. 



  • Individual Explore

    Includes an individual on-leash or off-leash (up to the parents) walk in a nearby park, pick up and drop off. Perfect for adventurous and curious pups who need to be on leash, or prefers individual attention but also benefit from the stimulation a park or woodland area has to offer. Up to 2 dogs in the same family can be walked together at this price, as long as we can handle them on leash together, which is subject to our discretion.



  • Private Training

    Training for dogs & their humans : 

    In home, customized training packages to suit you or your dog’s needs and lifestyle!  We will discuss your goals and teach you techniques & methods to help train your dog to use proper manners. We will work with you and your pup to develop the skills they need to be, a polite, happy, and well adjusted.



    Packages Starting at $175

  • Staycation

    Our Full-care packages include all the care your dog may need while you are away. This can include: walking, feeding and medications. Please note we do not do injections. Transportation for appointments to the vet or groomer is no problem but will be charged according to our transportation charges. Our care begins between 7am-8am and end between 9pm-10pm, visits are scheduled between 3-5 hrs apart depending on the package. This service is only available for regularly scheduled clients. 


    $55 day

  • Group Explore

    2-5 dogs are taken out to a local park to run and play together. These include mostly off leash play, with limited on leash time for safety reasons. Pack walks are always scheduled for 45 min in the woods, with 30 min as a backup plan for bad conditions, you will be charged based on the amount of time you dog is in on the trails. Transportation included. Dog is usually out for 1.25 - 2 hrs. 



  • Training Classes

    Puppy Basic Series

    More Classes Starting in January!

    Held at Better Together Indoor Dog Park, we will be offering 4 classes for $125. These classes are held in person with social distancing in mind. Limited slots available!

    Email for details at this time.


    $125/ 4 classes

  • Zoom Training

    Email for details at this time



    $100/ 4 classes

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